Tiny pendulum may reveal gravity’s secrets

Tiny pendulum may reveal gravity’s secrets

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Gravity is, at heart, a mystery. Yes, we can talk about
curvature of space-time and perhaps make analogies with stretched
rubber sheets. But we don’t know why mass causes space-time to

To put it another way, in our theory of gravity, matter is the
scenery and space-time is both cast and stage crew. But matter’s
behavior is described by quantum mechanics, which takes space and
time as agiven. For quantum mechanics, space and time are the
stage in which matter puts on the best show ever. How do we get
these two theories to put on just one play?

Perhaps this is why the two theories simply do not get on—no
show can have two lead actors, right? We may finally get to find
out thanks to a new
experimental device
that may make it possible for both gravity
and quantum mechanics to play lead roles.

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Tiny pendulum may reveal gravity’s secrets