May 11 Coronavirus roundup: Symptoms, therapies, and policy confusion

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During the pandemic, Ars has done its best to keep you on top of
the most important news. But there are definitely gaps in our
coverage: small updates to stories we’ve covered, or news that
we’ve decided wasn’t worth the time to report deeply. Focusing on
breaking news also limits our opportunity to provide bigger-picture
perspective. To make up for this, we’re going to try doing a series
of Monday updates to help keep you informed.

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Current counts: 4.1 million confirmed cases globally; 1.33
million of those in the United States. 285,000 deaths attributed to
COVID-19; 80,000 deaths in the US.

Multiple symptoms

While the focus of attention has been on the respiratory impact
of COVID-19, there have been clear indications that the virus
attacks other tissues, with intestinal distress being a commonly
reported symptom. Over the weekend, The Washington Post
looked at all the organs
that seem to have problems in people
with SARS-CoV-2 infections. The virus triggers a systemic immune
response, and it can be difficult to tell which symptoms are a
product of this response and which are caused by the virus directly
infecting these tissues.

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May 11 Coronavirus roundup: Symptoms, therapies, and policy