CDC Thanksgiving guidance: No traveling, no outside-household members

A Norman Rockwell (or Rockwell-esq) depiction of Thanksgiving gathering.

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In a rare press briefing Thursday, experts from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention strongly urged Americans not to
travel for Thanksgiving or gather with people outside of their
“households”—defined as only the people actively living
together in the 14 days prior to a gathering.

The stark message from the premier public health agency may not
seem surprising given the dire state of the country. Spread of the
pandemic coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is out of control and at record
levels. The United States reported more than 1 million new cases of
COVID-19 in the last seven days alone. Hospitalizations are rising
sharply, and health care facilities in several states are already
overwhelmed. Deaths are also spiking. And there’s no end in
sight. The situation is likely to only get worse as winter weather
and holidays drive people indoors and together.

Still, the CDC’s press briefing drew awe from journalists, who
have watched such briefings dwindle as
the pandemic advanced
. Numerous investigative reports have
detailed how the Trump administration has sidelined, censored, and
muted CDC scientists and officials during the global crisis.

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CDC Thanksgiving guidance: No traveling, no
outside-household members