Baby walkers to help your little one start cruising

First steps to first steps.
First steps to first steps. (Amazon/)

When your little ones start pulling up on the couch, you know it is only a matter of time before they launch off and take their first steps. Perhaps your baby is perfectly happy scooching around on all fours, and you’d like to give them some encouragement to get upright. You can take a break from holding their hands all the time by setting them up with a baby walker. Some walkers even double as high chairs for those of you who don’t want extra clutter. It’s time to start letting those baby steps become big steps.

Get groovy with the Joovy.
Get groovy with the Joovy. (Amazon/)

Sometimes a simple, practical design is all you need. Once your sweetie can sit upright unassisted, the Joovy Spoon Walker will eliminate your need for a separate high chair. The sizable tray is great for meal time, and with a quick wipe it’s a surface for their beloved toys. Joovy Spoon makers know what it’s like to have kids, which is why they’ve made the tray dishwasher safe and the seat machine-washable. Best of all, you can fold it up and take this walker anywhere.

Get out of my way, Mom.
Get out of my way, Mom. (Amazon/)

If your baby is just starting to explore the world on two legs, this learning walker is a foolproof option. The play panel is a great toy in and of itself (it has music, letters, shapes, and light up number buttons), and the batteries are included. The adjustable resistance settings ensure that those new to walking won’t get ahead of themselves. When you’re looking for a walker that is well worth the cost, this is sure to please you and your munchkin.

Craftsmanship at its finest.
Craftsmanship at its finest. (Amazon/)

Babies don’t need flashing lights and singing buttons to engage them. This wooden walker has plenty for your little one to enjoy (moving gears, knobs, and multi-color balls) without annoying you. The sturdy build makes it difficult for them to tip over, and the child safe materials will put your mind at ease. A quick 15-minute assembly is all it takes to put this walker together.

The best-of-both-worlds walker.
The best-of-both-worlds walker. (Amazon/)

This is a great walker for your baby to grow into. With three different height settings, you don’t have to worry about replacing this walker anytime soon. For those of you who’d like to have a toy component but also like the idea of a food tray, this walker gives you both. Simply move the activity tray pieces to either side to reveal a great spot for snacks. The padded seat is machine washable and the walker folds up to easily fit in a trunk or closet.

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Baby walkers to help your little one start cruising